The footwear is one of the clothing products that requires the greatest number of processing steps and, at the same time, has about 40 components for its construction.

This is why only an experienced craftsman can give life to a quality product, knows every single step and every single component minutely.
His expert hands know how to recognize the merits and defects of a leather, they know how to choose the best cut for each work and know how to shape it on the shape.

Industrial processing makes it possible to produce large quantities in a short time, often guarantees that all products are identical with each other, but at the same time deprives them of a soul and distinctive signs.

A craftsman knows that it is impossible to guarantee that a pair of shoes is identical to another because, for example, every single leather has its own unique characteristics, its lines and distinctive traits that make it unique.

Understanding the difference between an industrial product and an artisanal product opens the eyes in front of a world that is full of unique things, but we do not know how to appreciate them, tending to equalize everything in line with the needs of modern society.


What does it really mean “Made in Italy” and why do most of the producers struggle to make an Italian product one that is not?

Although Italy is not a vast territory, it is rich in many differences already moving from city to city. Italy is rich in ancient traditions, which are handed down from generation to generation, and that make it still unique and inimitable.

Making use of Italian labor and using the materials produced in this territory, means continuing those ancient traditions, meaning not conforming to the market, it means seeking uniqueness instead of quantity, it means discovering that particular detail that makes that particular one immediately recognizable product.

That’s why wearing this “label” is so important, but only a few do it with merit.

Velathri Calzature fully embraces this philosophy, where the customer will pay the product for what it really is.


Vegetable tanned leather is characterized by the use of natural tannins from trees and plants, which are used during the slow process of transformation from raw skin into leather, and therefore not harmful to the environment.

At the same time, the absence of chromium, nickel and other toxic substances, make this particular leather suitable for people allergic to heavy metals.

The processing of this leather is an artisan tradition that has been handed down for generations, which is why it fits perfectly with the philosophy of Velathri.

Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of experience, it ages, but it does not ruin. It is precisely the changes and personalizations that take place over time and with the use to witness the naturalness of the product. The tannin colors give warm hues to the skin over time, which tend to resurface with use.

Products with vegetable tanned leather are marked with a label showing their origin and their respective serial number.

There is in fact a consortium of vegetable tanned leather here in Tuscany, which provides all companies that use this particular product, the anti-counterfeit warranty card, which certifies its authenticity.



Some Velathri models are made of perforated leathers.

This type of leather is not actually perforated completely, but only on the surface.

In addition to the pleasant visual effect you can see a remarkable lightness and malleability of the leather, which tends to soften with use, ensuring a high comfort.



We have added to our collection a very high-quality technical sole, produced by the leading company in the trekking and mountain sector: Vibram.

Vibram entered the fashion market using the experience gained over all these years, devoting the same attention and knowledge to this sector too.

The Vibram sole we used on our “Veio” model is made of Eva, an ultra-light and soft material, while the tread is in rubber with a “Megagrip” anti-slip function.

Thanks to its conformation and its cushioning effect, the Vibram sole allows a perfect weight balance between the tip and the heel, for extremely high comfort.

All these important qualities allow a long life with everyday use and, at the same time, guarantee a safe walk in any urban condition.